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pH Neutral

Are you looking for a sci-fi bullet-hell farming sim? Well you found one anyway.

In the basically-right-now-future,  factories, animal agriculture and dirty power all produce  enormous amounts of pollution. This pollution causes the acidification of soil, oceans and rain.

pH is a scale used to measure acidity. Usually from 0 to 14. Zero being very acidic. Fourteen being very basic (alkaline). Seven pH is neutral. Most plants prefer a more neutral pH.

You live in a mega-city and the only place to grow plants is on rooftops. That makes them exposed to the acidic rain. You'll have to constantly monitor the plants and feed them pH up solution to maintain a neutral ph of seven.

The mega corps won't give you permission to have a garden, so watch out for drones they send.

How to play:

  • [E] to buy plant
  • [Q] to buy turret
  • [Space] buy pH up solution
  • [Left Click] shoot laser
  • [WASD] move

Only the Linux executable was tested.

Source code:


  • Kevin Smith


  • Godot v3.3.rc8.official
  • GIMP 2.10.18
  • Blender v2.91.2



ph_neutral_linux.tar.gz 26 MB
Download 38 MB
Download 25 MB


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I wouldn't have minded a bit of an easier ease into things.  An interesting idea to say the least.  I really liked where you took the concept seven.